Shutterstock Contributor Tutorial and Tips for Beginners

This is a Shutterstock contributor tutorial for beginners, I start at the Shutterstock contributor login, review how to signup as a Shutterstock contributor then walks through how to upload photos to Shutterstock and include tips for selling your photos online.

This is a great tutorial guide for anyone getting started with selling stock photography on Shutterstock. Any questions please let me know in the comments.

You can signup for a Shutterstock contributor account here:


44 thoughts on “Shutterstock Contributor Tutorial and Tips for Beginners”

  1. Thanks for your video. I recently uploaded a landmark and it said that i got rejected because i need a property release. My question is can I resubmit under editorial instead of commercial? Thanks in advanced.

  2. Hello. You are a much-respected photographer and you tuber instructor. But you must be aware of what is happening with Shutter stock. Please, for the good of the all photographer that do stock photography (maybe you don’t), can you explain your position on that matter? Thank you.

  3. I noticed you put commercial for your sunset. Do you have a release for it? Did you ask for specific permission to photograph the sunset? Also, do people favor commercial versus editorial? It would be easiest to just submit everything as editorial, right?

  4. Thanks for the video. I see you have only around 400 images on Shutterstock, and 7k earnings, that seems really good! I'm surprised at your image numbers. I thought contributors need thousands of uploads to make any money. Perhaps i should increase on my 13 images… 😂 Although I've just joined to be fair

  5. hye sir, im from malaysia. for tax form, should i fill one or just ignore it? if i had to fill it, which one is mine, w9ben or w8ben? one more question, if i want to upload the inner of building which doesnt show distinctive property of the building, did i need to release form too? how about if i want to post a picture with a part of people body, such as hand or leg or half bottom body, did it need release form too?

  6. Hey, I had a question. How do you get a release form if your picture consist of a crowded place (e.g. train station or Christmas Market)? Cause I cannot go asking to sign a release by each and every person on the Image.

  7. Thank you for the info. I would like to ask if shutter stock will examine every photo you send all the time, or only the first 10 you submit for approval and then you are free to upload any photo you like without it being checked?

  8. hey Photerloo this video was very helpful i live in the Caribbean and wanted to know how do you get the funds if a photo has been purchased from shutter stock does it go to a bank account or they mail you a check how does that work out

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