How to Create Swipe Files for Network Marketers

As a network marketer, you are always trying to product your company’s product or service. Some networkers do a great job at marketing while others are simply horrible at the practice. I believe copywriting can be learned over a period of time and practice. But who wants to go to school to learn copywriting and spend years cultivating their craft? Why not capitalize off the talents of others and short cut your way to success?

In school you were taught not to copy off of someone else’s paper. That was called cheating. In the corporate world it is a practice that is widely used and it’s called swiping.

What is a swipe file?

A swipe file is nothing more than a collection of tested and proven advertising and sales letters. Collecting swipe file is a common practice used by advertising copywriters and creative directors as a ready reference of ideas for projects. These files and ideas are often swiped from other competitors and marketers.

As a Corporate Network Marketer you should always be paying attention to advertising; especially those adverts that cause you to stop and take action.

When an advertisement stops you in your tracks and causes you to make a purchase or even causes you the desire to make a purchase, you should pause for a moment and ask yourself, what was it about the advertisement that caught your attention? How did it appeal to my senses?

Look at the formatting, the words used and the style in which it was marketed. Pay attention to the small details. Once you understand what it was that made you take action, swipe that idea and store it away into a folder or notebook that you have labeled “swipe files”. As you continue to do this, your swipe file will grow into a valuable collection of great marketing ideas and copy. This will become one of your most valuable resources when you need to market and advertise.

Side note:

I use Evernote to store my swipe file ideas. Evernote is great because I have it on both my computer and smart phone. With my computer I can quickly clip advertisements and store them away. On my smart phone I can take pictures of the advertisement, leave voice notes, and even video record the idea all to my Evernote swipe file folder. This is very handy when you are on the go and see great advertisements.

A successful Corporate Network Marketer must you pay attention to what Corporate America is doing. There are valuable resources that are lying right under your nose every day. Are you capitalizing off of those resources?

Think about this for a moment; Fortune 500 companies spend billions of dollars to advertise and get us to buy their products and services. They pay millions to marketing executives and smart copywriters. Great advertisers and copywriters are worth every penny because they earn corporations billions in sales.

You don’t have to be the greatest copywriter in the world, nor do you have to pay for one. Exploit Corporate America’s intellectual capital by paying attention to the marketing messages that tap into your buying emotions. Pay attention to the advertisements that arouse you.

Okay maybe arouse is the wrong word, but focus on adverts that catch your attention. If it makes you stop and consider a purchase that means it did its job.

Implement those swipe file ideas into your own marketing and you will soon see your campaigns driving larger audiences to your business.

Source by June Collier

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